The Arab Thought Forum (ATF) is committed to the belief that state structures must be developed to serve and be responsive to an active and critical public, which is conscious of its obligations and duties, as well as its rights and entitlements

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QuestionBegin DateEnd Date
Do you think that the Local election will support the resumption of the presidential and legislative election2012-11-070000-00-00
Do you think that the election for the Palestinian Local Council will be conductied on time October 20, 20122012-09-010000-00-00
Are you supporting the direct Palestinian negotiation with the Israeli government?2010-09-152012-09-15
Are you supporting the local Election next July?2010-04-082010-09-15
Should dialogue start to bring for national unity?2007-12-302008-02-01
What your opinion on the autumn conference2007-10-102007-12-15
Do you consider the Hamas act of controlling Gaza will lead to?2007-06-152007-07-30
Do you think that the new government will succeed in breaking the imposed embargo on the Palestinian People?2007-03-152007-04-20
Are you optimistic about the recent Mecca Agreement?2007-02-102007-03-10
Do you think that the clashes between FATEH and HAMAS will lead to?2007-01-292007-02-20
Who is to blame in the current deteriorating in Palestine?2007-01-102007-02-10
Do you agree on early presidential and Legislative elections in Palestine?2006-12-122007-01-10
What do you think about the last ceasefire?2006-11-292006-12-30
Does the recently acts made by the Israeli army against Gaza make you believe that Israel stronger?2006-11-092006-12-10
Does the technocrat government provide solution to the current Palestinian crises?2006-10-212006-11-10
Who to blame in the current internal Palestinian crises?2006-09-302006-10-30
Considering its history during the last 6 decades you see Israel in the Middle East as:2006-08-282006-09-10
Based on its loss in Lebanon, you think Israel will:2006-08-222006-08-28
In your opinion who wins the war?2006-08-132006-08-30
Who is to blame on the current horrible War?2006-07-252006-08-10
Do you think that the Israeli captured soldier should be released without swapping deal??2006-07-012006-07-31
Do you agree with national referendum about prisoners document?2006-05-272006-06-10
Do you think?0000-00-000000-00-00

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