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A Plea from Jerusalem to Stop Palestinian Bloodshed in Iraq


Acts of violence are escalating day after day in Iraq threatening the safety of tens of thousands of innocent citizens including thousands of Palestinian refugees staying in Iraq. Hundreds have lost their lives so far and death threats keep haunting them and reminding them of “Sabra and Shatilla” Massacres in Lebanon 1982.

The religious, national and nongovernmental institutions and different active parties in Jerusalem city make a sincere plea to the world‘s conscience and concerned parties to immediately take action in putting an end to atrocities and man slaughter in Iraq in general and to Palestinians in particular. Specifically we emphasize the following:

1. What is happening to Palestinian refugees in Iraq is the outcome of disrespect of the Right of Return of Palestinian refugees and the non implementation of resolution 194. It clearly embodies the failure and non-feasibility of settlement projects. Therefore, the United Nations as the body implementing this resolution holds the responsibility of providing urgent protection to Palestinians in Iraq.
2. What is more hurtful is that the Palestinian people after 60 years following the occurrence of the Setback are still experiencing the same practices which had the Palestinians themselves to become refugees in 1948.
3. Call on international and humanitarian organizations to raise their voices and interfere in the action towards providing protection to Palestinian refugees in Iraq.
4. Call on Arab states to exert more efforts to put an end to bloodshed in Iraq and to provide a safe heaven to Palestinians whose lives are at a great risk.
5. Request from the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Palestinian Government to hold to their responsibilities and act quickly to provide protection for the Palestinians in Iraq along with finding a safe place at home for those who need so.
6. The American and British occupation forces are responsible for what is happening to Palestinians and they must abide by the Geneva Convention which calls for the protection of civilians at time of war in light of the fact that these forces are the dominating forces on the ground.
7. Expression of full solidarity with the Iraqi people in their misery and desolation as a result of this illegitimate war and its appalling consequences.

Jerusalem 27 January 2007
Religious, National and Nongovernmental Institutions in Jerusalem City

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