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Call to declare the third of November as the “Palestinian Women Day”


On November 3rd, 2006, a peaceful demonstration composed of more than 150 Palestinian women was attacked by the Israeli army, two women were killed, and several other women were wounded.

During the events, the women succeeded in evacuating more than sixty young Palestinians who were under the Israeli army siege in the town of Biet Hanon north of Gaza.

This day witnesses a heroic act by Palestinian women struggling against the occupation and simultaneously another instance of the Israeli Army attacking a peaceful demonstration.

The call was made by Mr. Abdel Rahman Abu Arafeh during a meeting organized by the Arab Thought Forum on November 4th, 2006. The meeting was participated by a group of Palestinian civil society organizations working in Jerusalem.

During the meeting the participants declare their shock at the silent position of the international community and the United Nations towards the Israeli crimes which resulted in 50 Palestinian victims in four days. The Israeli Armey lunched this attack in an aggressive operation codenamed "Autumn Clouds." The operation came after another called "Summer Rain" in which 300 Palestinians were killed, among them more than twenty children.

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