The Arab Thought Forum (ATF) is committed to the belief that state structures must be developed to serve and be responsive to an active and critical public, which is conscious of its obligations and duties, as well as its rights and entitlements

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  • ATF participate in delegation to observe the Yemen election
  • ATF signed agreement with “Mu’ssasat”
  • Implementing a project aiming at strengthening the transparency and accountability
  • ATF in the top 25 sites of Molina‘s Home Page
  • Atlas of 1948 war in Palestine
  • ATF Participated on workshop held in Nazareth on October 17, 2006
  • AMAN retreat took place in Amman on the October 1-2, 2006
  • ATF participate in TI workshop
  • The 8th Democratic Formation Report in Palestine is issued
  • The Annual meeting of ATF took place on September 8, 2006
  • Call to declare the third of November as the “Palestinian Women Day”
  • Call for mutual understanding between Fateh and Hamas
  • Peaceful transmission of power on light of the Yemen election
    RED LAKE in the GROUND
  • Postwar Reconciliation in Europe: Lessons for the Middle East?
  • ATF attend The 12th International Anti Corruption Conference (IACC) in Guatemala

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