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True Democracy justify freedom and independence


During one year, Palestinian has witnessed three elections; presidential, local government and legislative. In each of these elections, the Palestinian and their institutions have provided evidence on the capability to conduct free and fair elections despite being under aggressive occupation.

The January 2006 legislative elections, in particular, represent a remarkable event in which a major democratic principle was achieved, the peaceful transfer of power where true democracy can be performed.

For some observers, results of the election were disappointing. The disappointed have nothing to blame expect themselves, due to their ignorance as to what democracy really means. Accepting the election results is essential, and changes can be done only by using the same democratic tools.

Furthermore, it is necessary to understand that although the result is important, it is still considered a temporal objective; the main goal is manifested by laying the foundation of true democracy for generations to come, and making the people the sole judge in deciding who will win or lose.

Never the less, the people who have been able to implement democratic changes under occupation provide the pontifications for being worthy of freedom and independence.

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