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Coordinators workshop for the youth groups

Around 40 students from 13 villages of Ramallah met on Saturday April 26, 2014 to display their achievements on the issues that had advocate for the purpose of influencing to implement their initiatives, which in most cases have reached an advanced stage .

Included promotions youth networks and communications , meetings, follow-ups that they have implemented with the institutions of the local community and specifically with local councils and municipalities in their villages . In addition, they initiatives presented at the social networking Facebook showing news and details of their achievements with an indication of the stages they have made.

In spite of the short time , the youth groups amazed the audience for the  fast delivery and professional in all things done until this moment . It is worth mentioning that these meetings which brings leaders of youth groups to examine the achievements and try to help the youth networks in the obstacles they face during the implementation of their initiatives .

Summary of achievements , it turned out the 13 youth networks through the implementation of their initiatives in their communities: .

1. Beit Ur al- Tahta Initiative: find a solution to the difficulty of students arrive at school . Students walking distance of where time and there is no means of transport carrying them at school. The goal of the initiative: to provide a bus to transport students to school safely without exposure to any risk.  Achievements: meeting with the head of the local council to  present the problem .

2. Beit Rima (Qasim Rimawi, females and Bashir Barghouti, males.  Initiative : beautify the environment , and the goals of the initiative are to : Provide a banner for each of the towns of Beit Rima , Deir Ghassana Rail containers and replace plastic ones , farming towns of Beit Rima , Deir Ghassana trees. Meeting with the head of the local council has been to respond to the youth group .

3. Silwad (males school ,Martyrs Silwad ,Initiative : repair and beautification through the school is filled with remnants of the construction and automotive maintenance shops along the road is full of potholes . The goal of the initiative is to re-open the main gate of the school . This requires the rehabilitation of the school garden and cultivated . A meeting held with the mayor to view the problem .

4. Deir Jarir ( female, Initiative: Develop umbrellas waiting in the village. meeting with members of the village council, who accepted the idea. Coordination with the electricity company  in order to choose the appropriate places .

5. Ein Arik ,  Initiative : removing high pressure electricity from the village because it threatens the residents of danger , put umbrellas at the street school , Meeting with the mayor‘s, he is willing to assist in the municipal high-pressure shafts.

6. Bil‘in Initiative : school fence and clean the pitch of stones and herbs. The meeting with the director of the school , meeting with the head of the village council . He expressed his willingness to support, fencing wall of the school has been completed with the help of the village council , the stadium has been cleaned of stones and herbs.

7. Ras Karkar, male, Initiative : the rehabilitation of school playground to remove stones and covered with the green yard . Collect a nominal amount of money to buy some seedlings to plant in the docks , the stadium has been cleaned of stones and remove grass from it. Coating the walls of the school both internal and external.

8. Ras Karkar, female Initiative : to provide cultural activities for females village. Providing private space to play. The establishment of a working group and implementation of voluntary activities. Establishing the nucleus of an exhibition of Palestinian heritage .

9. Deir Ammar Initiative: Heritage and Cultural club, set up a library in the town‘s Old Place still need restoration . Achievements : a meeting with the mayor and the municipal engineer . Collecting donations in order to buy books for the library.

10.  Kafr Neimeh, Initiative: build a fence for a school female and male Schools . A meeting with the head of the village council, he agreed to build a fence for the piece of land adjacent to the school. The students cleaned piece of land .

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