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Training sessions for youth groups networks


Approximately 130 students aged 15-17 years from various villages in Ramallah district completed a series of training workshops concluded during February - March 2014 under the title of " Youth networks of local youth to influence in the local councils ."

The objective of the project is to integrate young people in the decision-making process, and increase their ability to express their needs by working to promote the spirit of volunteerism and involving community participation in local issues. The project is a second stage of earlier project carried out two years ago in the Hebron and Bethlehem. The achievements of the youth groups in each of the two provinces were able to make  change in the reality of their villages.

The training sessions help youth groups in campaigns that would carry out in their villages, the first session entitled "  Local Councis: function and roles. The second session was on the concept of relationship between citizens and the councils including mechanisms to promote community participation. The topic of lobbying and advocacy and what it means in campaigns, for social networks was another session. A session on the importance of local elections in Palestine and of the mechanism of the electoral process, has been discussed by representative of the Central Election Commission .

Last session was about the formulation of the future plan of action for each group on how to address the problems through influencing the local authority, an effort that will continue until June 2014 .

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