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Insurance against natural disasters


The snowstorm that hit the region in mid- December 2013 and its significant losses , especially in the agricultural and the industrial sectors was the subject for a discussion organized by the Arab Thought Forum on March 6, 2014 under the title " Insurance against natural disasters. Participants includes, the governor of Hebron , and representatives of the municipality , civil defense and police , and the ministries of agriculture , commerce and the national economy , public works , and a number of business and representatives of insurance companies . The goal of the meeting is to discuss the issue of insurance against natural disasters

The discussion focused on three areas : the status of Palestinian laws on the subject and how to activate it , the role of government and official bodies in the event of natural disasters , and the role of insurance companies , and if they have had a relationship in compensation losses resulting from natural disasters.

The Governor of Hebron stated that the losses estimated at $ 26 million included both agricultural and economic as well as the service and social sector s, in addition to the subject of insurance and lack of clarity of the role and responsibility of the insurance companies in this regard. The lack of adequate infrastructure of many of the economic establishments made ​​the subject even more disastrous and complicated to reach a mechanism to confront it and get to the solutions to compensate citizens in distress, he stated  do not cover snow in the policy because of the difficulty of estimating the financial cost , covering the  snow in the policy  will raise the price and will require an amendment of the laws and procedures of insurance.

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture explained that the losses of livestock and agricultural sector because of the snowstorm amounted to about 100 million shekels , explaining that the formation of a fund to compensate affected farmers  has been finalized with money from donor countries.

Participants stressed the importance of the existence of such a fund in all sectors, so as to compensate the affected people in the event of any natural disasters such as the recent disaster.

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