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Opening debate on the Paris Economic Agreement


Possibilities of opening debate on the Paris economic agreement on light the local economic crisis, , were the focus of roundtable discussion, after reading a paper prepared by Mr. Abu Alaa “Ahmed Qurei” as his contribution to the debate entitled "Paris economic agreement transitional interim After 19 years, " the  debate has emerged in the three directions; exploring the possibility of amending or canceling the Paris agreement, what are the items proposed for amendment and its mechanisms and what are the effects of any amendment or change to the agreement on the Palestinian economy. Participants includes; Maher Masri, Samir Hleileh, Samir Abdullah, Mohammed Masrouji, Munib al-Masri, Amin Haddad, Kamal Hassouna, Nasr Abdul Karim, Mahmoud al-Jaafari, Noman Kanafani.

After discussion, a set of recommendations concluded as a summary of the overall discussion:
1. Insist on the application of the Paris agreement at the present stage without any modification.
2. Open debate to examine the need of amending some articles of the agreement at a later stage without publicity campaign or bidding.
3. Amending Paris agreement and its terms at a later stage through the Joint Economic Committee (Palestinian / Israeli) as mentioned at the agreement itself.
4. Activate and develop the work of the Joint Economic Committee as in other committees
5. The Palestinian Authority and the government should implement the terms of a very important part of the Paris agreement which is which does not need the approval of to the Israeli authorities, including oil and a number of imports, which is one of the terms of reference of the Palestinians under the agreement.
6. Work on the organization of a public awareness campaign for a more accurate understanding of the Paris agreement, in particular the items that were not carried out by Israel, such as agriculture, tourism and border crossings.
The Debaters accused Israel role in these circumstances as without completing the sovereignty and independence things continues to be imperfect.
The meeting held by the Arab Thought Forum on 18.9. 2012 at the Institute of Economic Research Institution. The meeting was opened by Director General of the Forum, Mr. Abdul Rahman Abu Arafa, and moderated by Mr. Azzam Abu Saud. Meeting Zsdrt by analytical paper.

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