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Local elections: Do support the resumption of the democratic process?


The future impacts of holding the Palestinian local elections raised a number of observations and questions, including: transparency of local election,  and the presence of some errors , is there legitimacy to hold the elections with the existence of  the Palestinian division? Do holding elections date was proper, which coincided with the olive harvest season, the Hajj and Eid al-Adha? Is it possible on the light of the results of the recent elections to read the political map, and how possible to read the subject of tribal factor that had a significant impact on the election results? And to what extent does the absence of the participation of Hamas in the elections had? Does this impact on the formation of blocs and the citizen participation rate?

Khaled al-Qawasmi , the Minister of Local Government  explain that  the  Palestinian democratic experience in this subject is limited which started in 2004 and in 2007; and successively postponed several times tell  recently took place on 20 October 2012. Qawasmi  stated that the nature of people are skeptical as related to the  appointment of  important positions and this is what happened in the recruitment policy taken  toward a group of local councils. Therefore the ballot box is the perfect solution to such dilemmas. He stressed that the local elections are Democrat right and cannot be postponed, accordingly, linking the subject of political and particularly the division and reconciliation was chosen farther Date in order to give Hamas a chance to reverse its opinion and participate in the elections, considered Qawasmi Hamas loser big in the elections because they refused to participate and because they believe that everything must pass line, which also lost because the average audience he went to cast his vote.
In turn, Ibrahim Dahbour, member of the Legislative Council for Reform and Change bloc confirmed that the issue of the appointment policy is pursued in the management of local councils as deemed undemocratic. He said that in the recent elections eliminated the political role of the local councils in favor of service, since Palestinian municipalities have a important and effective political role not only in the service sectors but it represented an important role against the occupation in the late seventies. He also stated that the efficacy of any political decision is in its consequences and not only in the announcement of the voting results, he added, that the elections are means to achieve the goal of consolidating democracy and prevent tribal influences.
On the subject of division, he stressed that the elections had deepened the division situation, which he described as it was vertical and the local elections add a horizontal split, Dahbour described the recent elections as drawback on the democratic process. He stressed the importance of holding elections because of it is means to democracy, but must be based on national impact and not according to the results.
A number of observations made by the audience, which included: errors that resulted in the electoral process, the subject of tribalism, some violations which appeared in the registration of voters. But in general all praised the transparency that characterized those elections, despite some mistakes and violations that occurred during the electoral process.
The seminar was held by the Arab Thought Forum on 11.14.2012 under the title;"local elections: Do support the resumption of the democratic process?", the seminar was attended by members of the Legislative Council and representatives of local councils and civil society institutions. The symposium was moderated by Nazmi Jubeh head of the board  of director of the Arab Thought Forum.

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