The Arab Thought Forum (ATF) is committed to the belief that state structures must be developed to serve and be responsive to an active and critical public, which is conscious of its obligations and duties, as well as its rights and entitlements

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New Strategic Plan for the Arab Thought Forum


The last incomprehensive strategic plan was developed internally by ATF including a small group covering the period 2010-2012.

For the purpose of comprehensiveness and necessity of external input into the process, ATF contracted a consultant to facilitate a Strategic Planning process and produce ATFs Strategic Plan for the three-year period (2011-2013), incorporating lessons learned. The methodology followed included a study of relevant documents provided by ATF and interviews with and brainstorming and working sessions with the executive Director, and other staff as well as board members and partners during November 2010. During the brainstorming sessions, an environmental scan, both of the internal and external environments of ATF, utilizing SWOT Analysis Technique (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) was carried out highlighting facts and trends in the operating environment of ATF that are likely to affect the organization in its future work. This was the groundwork for elaborating on ATF‘s vision, mission, strategic directions, objectives and activities.  

Strategic plans working group: Facilitator: Varsen Aghabekian. ATF Board of Director: Nazmi Jubeh; Professor; Bir Zait University- Head; Board of Director, Azzam Abu Al Soud: Director; Jerusalem Chamber of Commerce- Treasurer, Rami Naser Eddin; Director; Palestinian Vision- Secretary. ATF Board of Trustees: Jad Ishaq: Director; Applied Research Institute (ARIJ) - Chairman of the BoT, Hadeel Qazaz: Program Director; Tiri, Mohammad Omar Yousif: Educator;, Taher Namari: Chairman Al Maqdsie Center, Sami Al Yousif: Director Pontifical Mission for Palestine; Jerusalem, Mussadaq Al-Masri: Director of Continuing Education Center, An-Najah University. ATF Staff: Abdel Rahman Abu Arafeh: Director,   Nasser Yaqoup; Program Coordinator Wafa Khouri; Administrative Officer, Hanadi Ezghaier; Project Coordinator, Maha Dissie; Accountant, Abeer Abbas; Administrative Assistant. Partners and Friends: Khalil Nakhleh; Researcher, Hisham Kuhail: Director; Central Election Commission,  Abdel Qader Hussini: Director; Faisal Hussini Foundation, Ghada Ezghayer: Director; The Palestinian Coalition for Accountability and Integrity- AMAN, Mustafa Al Ostaz; Program Officer; Non Governmental Development Center (NDC) and Zakaria Odeh, Director; Civic Coalition for Defending Citizens Rights in Jerusalem, Leinda Ali: Officer, Palestinian Physiotherapy Association.

The revised ATF‘s Vision: A progressive, pioneering thought prevailing in the Palestinian society leading it  an independent, democratic and prosperous Palestinian state.

The revised ATF‘s Mission: ATF is an independent Palestinian Think Tank that promotes political participation and a culture of democratic principles through an evolving democratic and development thought and culture by engaging a wide spectrum of Palestinians within a context of openness, tolerance, objectivity and based on cooperation and complementarities in efforts.  

The revised Strategic directions

In the next 3 years (2011-2013), ATF will seek to further consolidate its role as a think tank. It will work on maintaining and enhancing its role, and will focus its efforts on influencing policies to promote and protect human and citizen‘s rights and promote principles of democracy and good governance, given the ongoing political environment with particular reference to the separation between the West Bank and Gaza caused by the internal political struggle and the intensifying Israelization and isolation of EJ. ATF will:

·        Build networks and alliances and consolidate its role with all concerned parties, locally, regionally, and internationally 

·        Fully utilize the media and all information technology available at its disposal to disseminate its reports, publications and news, and communicate with the widest possible audience and all concerned individuals on issues of interest.

·        Give special attention to the youth, social and cultural rights in its programs and activities, and / or geared toward special marginalized groups in the Palestinian society such as women or people with special needs / challenged individuals and a focus on Jerusalem

·        Continue its Institutional Capacity Building striving towards best practices in planning, implementing and evaluating its initiatives. Monitoring and Evaluation will become integral to the work of ATF to enable it to measure its impact by identifying some pre-determined key performance indicators for the whole organization and at each level of operations.

In order to pursue these Strategic Directions, ATF has identified, through the Strategic Planning Workshop the following Strategic Goals and Objectives to work for in the next three years including:

·        GOAL 1: Politically aware and active community participants engaged in promoting democratic transformation in the Palestinian Society


1.1   Effective Awareness raising and political engagement strategies towards a culture of  Democracy and  Human and Citizens Rights

1.2   Principle of periodic elections and issues of national reconciliation upheld and advanced

Major Initiatives

1. Develop and adopt an awareness raising and  Training philosophy and strategy for ATF

2. Utilize available Media and Information Technology in disseminating information, through promoting the presence of ATF and its activities in the Media, including  developing and continually update the  Web page

3. Promote cultural heritage and reinforce the Palestinian identity in Jerusalem

·        GOAL 2: National Legislations & Policies in line with principles of Human and citizens rights and the needs of a democratic Palestinian society


2.1 Legislations and Policies consistent with Principles of democracy

2.2 Relevant Government Policies & Plans reviewed to examine preserving the Rights of Citizens

3. Enhance youth inclusion and engagement in decision-making

Major Initiatives

1.      Monitor decisions and regulations and present recommendations from a Rights perspective

2.      Present concept notes on topics pertaining to democracy and  Human and Citizens  Rights

3.      Make presentations and organize discussions for key community members on democracy issues and human and citizen‘s rights to influence policies and legislations.

4.      Involve key stakeholders PLC members and others in the work and various activities of ATF

5.      Advocate for Jerusalem citizens legal, civil, social, and political rights against violations

·        Goal 3: ATF is Effective, Efficient, Relevant and Sustainable

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