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Activating the constitutional terms of reference for reconciliation and national unity


● A public debate conducted by the ATF on August 7, 2010 under the title: “Activating the constitutional terms of reference as a base for reconciliation and national unity”, the debate was widely participated by academic, civil society representatives, and political leader, The main speaker include Quis Abdel Kareem, DPFLP, Mohmoud Ramahi, the Reform and Change Block and Sabri Sydam, Fateh. The theme was based on the assumption that activating the democratic process will allow for materializing the independent state and ending the occupation and help bring back the national unity.

Over the last three year, about all constitution elements was ignored, instead; the issued declaration by  the president in Ram Allah and by the Gaza leader ship in form of regulations provides the only reference for public performance. The luck of national unity has actually hold the work towards the liberation from the occupation and the continuation of the democratic process.

The main conclusion of the depth includes:
1. The necessity of forming a specialized team made of experts and specialists with the task of challenging the necessity of forming new political system for the PLO.
2. Need of challenging the Israeli policies and measure taken against the Palestinian People.
3. The emphasis on the need to reactivate the PNA goal towards stead fastening as means to face the occupation.
4. Encourage all the political parties to contribute to the reconciliation efforts.
5. Realizing that the real problem not exits in the west bank and Gaza but rather it concern all Palestine where they exist. This identification would provide much better venue for solving the Palestinian problem.

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