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The Principle of Separation of Powers in the Palestinian Political System


The Arab Thought Forum in cooperation with Rule of Law Project NETHAM will organize conference under the title: The Principle of Separation of Powers in the Palestinian Political System, the conference will be conducted on April 15-16, 2010 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Jericho

The conference aims to clarify the concept of separation of powers including checks and balances and the independence of each power while benefiting from various international models including the parliamentarian, presidential and mixed political systems. The conference will explore and study approaches to implementing the principle of separation of powers in the Palestinian political system that is capable of protecting human rights and promoting rule of law. The conference will analyze the institutional challenges that hinder the prospects for the independence of the three branches of the government including identifying the strength and weaknesses that influence their independence. The role the civil society in influencing the government’s performance will also be explored.

The conference is designed to explore the overall concept of separation of powers and clarifying the actual implementation by analyzing specific components in the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Authorities. Conclusions and recommendations will be presented to assist in the proper implementation and increase public awareness of the impact of respecting the principle of separation of powers on human rights and rule of law, in addition to contributing to the future discussion on reform and advocacy initiatives aiming at promoting the governance system. The conference proceedings including conclusions and recommendations will be published in the final report.

Participants includes: Ali Khashan , Bernard Sabella, Jean-Philippe Kot, Salaheddin Al-Bashir, Larry Garber, Talab El-Sana, Fareed Al-Jallad, Ahmad Misleh Abu Dayyeh, Nafe’ Hassan, Ma’en Id’eis, Nasser Al-Rayyes, Azmi Shuaibi, Muheeb Awwad, Issa Abu Sharar, Kamal Hassuneh, Abdul Rahman Tammimi, Mamduh Aker and Ghassan Khateeb.

Conference Secretariat: Azmi Shaibi, Nafea Hassan, Najat Amre, Nabil Isifan and Abdel Rahman Abu Arafeh. The conference coordinators: Nassr Yaquop and Wafa Khoury.

To participate please contact: info@ or call 02-6289126

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