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The National Solidarity Committee with Archbishop Kaputchi calls for the Pope interference on the return of Jerusalem archbishop


Jerusalem, May 9, 2009

The National Solidarity Committee with Archbishop Kaputchi and the Palestinian Deportees direct a calls for the Pope Benedict XVI interference on the return of Jerusalem Archbishop Kaputchi, Abdel Rahman Abu Arafeh, the head of the Committee said in his letter" As all Palestinians welcome the visit to the Holy Land with the hope that the visit will help in bringing justice and peace, we are hopeful that your Holiness will speak out in some sensitive humanitarian issue. While you are praying in Jerusalem, we appeal and urge you to work on enabling the Jerusalem archbishop in exile, the Rome Catholic archbishop Ilarion Kaputchi, to return to the city he loves and loves him back, and for which he spent his life in exile all over the world."

Following his apprehension in August 8,1976, this 87 years-old religious clerk suffered the ordains of spending four years out of a total 12 years imprisonment sentence that was issued by the Israeli courts with an absolute disregard of his position and religious immunity. In August 11, 1978 Archbishop Kaputchi was deported to Rome when his life was at risk because of his heroic battle of hunger strike for 73 days, and following pressures by the international community and the interference of the Vatican through late Pope Paul VI in personal.

In a written message to his people, the archbishop conveyed his longing and dream of indulging his eyes by seeing the city he loves before passing away.

Therefore, we view allowing the archbishop’s return to his holy Jerusalem as a touchstone for the credibility of any talk about peace. We have a full confidence in Your Holiness to exert the utmost efforts towards fulfilling the archbishop’s dream of return for his holy Jerusalem.

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