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Capacity building of the Yemeni Team of Combating corruption


A workshop has been conducted in the Yemeni capital Sana‘a on 26th & 27th March 2009, the workshop aimed at assisting the capacity building process of the potential Transparency chapter for the Yemeni Team of Combating Corruption. The workshop initiated by the Transparency International (TI) with the cooperation of the Palestinian Coalition for Trnceperacey and Accountability-AMAN with the porpous of benefiting from the Palestinian experience. The workshop was participated by Tamara Qamhawi, the TI program coordinator for the MENA region, Abdel Rahman Abu Arafeh, the Arab Thought Forum director and GTZ advisor in Yemen, Renate Schmidt.

The Yemeni team included five institutions including; the National Authority for Combating Corruption, the Social and Democratic Forum, the Yemeni Observery for Human Rights, Women Journalists without Chains and the Democracy School.

The workshop discussed the Yemen’s institutional expectations from TI to be fully operational and the expected challenges and possible solutions based on the Palestine’s experience in coalition building, in addition to definition of Yemen’s TI goals and objectives. The workshop includes brain storming session on strategic planning

Among future topics, several concepts has been explored including; Access to information, judiciary, the code of conduct, conflict of interest, membership, rotating board,  define relationship with stakeholders, define external and internal activities and how best to work together and  how to solve arising internal problems between the coalition members.

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