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Is there a crisis facing the Palestinian Fine Arts?


The meeting was held on September 25, 2005 by the ATF initiative with the participation of interested group among them, Al- Housh Art Center, Sliman Mansour and Rawan Sharaf.

The meeting held with two objectives;
a) Identify Problems and characteristics facing the Palestine fine art.
b) Needed Mechanism for improvements.

The following are main identified characteristics:
1) Both the political and economical situation has affected the fine art situation
2) Interest on fine art is limited to the elite without popular interest.
3) Both the infrastructure and the logistical services supporting the fire Art are very weak.
4) Personal competitions contributed to the drew back of the fine art as negatively influenced the institutional from work.
5) Lack of coordination between the formal and civil society institutions.
6) Lack of interaction between the local activities and the regional and international activities which cause limited scope on the Palestine fine art.
7) Weak of the necessary promotion and marketing efforts.
8) Big burden lies on the shoulders of the individual artists as a result of the lack of infrastructure and logistical services
9) Lack of comprehensive effort to archive and classify the historical heritage of the Palestinian fire Art.

The following mechanisms have been suggested for improvement:
1. Activating the infrastructure of the Palestinian fine art including the Palestinian Artist Union, the Palestinian Artists Association and the academic arts institutions.
2. Activating links and means of cooperation between the official institutions and the civil institution, of particular importance is the Palestinian Ministry of Culture and the Palestine National Commission for Art and Culture.
3. Identify and assign particular institution to be in charge of providing information and news on regional and international activities to increase the Palestinian participation.
4. Promote the concept of establishing Palestine museum for contemporary arts.
5. Develop proper interventions to contribute to the celebration of Jerusalem: the Arab Culture Capital 2009.
6. Increase the national interests in leading Palestinian artist in particular Ismail Shamout.
7.  Forming a working group from experts to review and update the working paper and producing final version.
8. Prepare for main seminar to be participated by formal and civil society specialized institutions.
9. Supporting the achieving project been implemented by the Palestinian Art Court. 

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