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Implication of the International Financial Crisis on the Palestinian Economy


Implication of the International Financial Crisis on the Palestinian Economy
On October21,2008.The ATF organizes a public debate on the effects of the international financial crisis on the Palestinian economy.
The debate was moderated by Nassr Abdel Kareem and attended by group of officials, and private sector representatives.*
In his introduction, Abdel Rahman Abu Arafeh; the ATF director clarity the objectives of the debate which aim to conclude recommendation to avoid any negative impact on the Palestinian economy.
The debate recommendations include:
1. No need for direct interference from the government.
2.  Policy regulations are needed from the Palestinian Monitory and the Palestinian Capital Authority.
3. Need for comprehensive review on the current regulation.
4. Need for support to investors.
5. Need to strengthen the monitoring system.
The main conclusion of the debate was:
a) There is need to gain trust among investors in the Palestinian economy.
b) There is minor affect on the Palestinian economy resulted from the international financial crises.


* Ibrahim Al-Tarsha, Palestinian Central Bureau Statistics, Omar Abdel Razeq, Izz Aldein Mohammd Fattash,  Abdel Jaber Al Faqha, Mohammad Salah Eldien , (Members of the PLC), Mulki Suliman, Journalist, Maher Al Masri, Palestine Capital Market Authority, Daoud Istanbouli, Palestinian Center for Economy & Social Development, Khaled Al-Daoudi, Swidesh Center, Jeries Qassies & Barrak Al-Nabilsy, Palestinian Capital Market Authourity, Adnan Abu AL-Hommous, Badeko, Farah Daibes, New step for Investment.

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