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Participation on the 4th Petra Conference of Nobel Laureates June 17-19, 2008


The 4th Petra Conference of Nobel Laureates concluded on June 19 of the two-day conference held in the ancient city of Petra by highlighting the need to support scientific research projects in the region and promote the role of youth in addressing challenges facing the region.

King Abdullah II, opened the Conference of Nobel Laureates urging conference participants to lead hands-on involvement in the development of the Middle East. "Throughout Jordan, and across the region, millions of people want to be part of a stable, moderate, modern Middle East," King Abdullah said at the opening ceremony, addressing dozens of Nobel Laureates and international public figures participating in this year‘s conference. "It would be a serious mistake to miss the opportunities we have this year; to establish, finally, a sovereign, independent, and viable Palestinian state, along with a secure and recognized Israel, in a region that is unified, at peace, and ready to move forward. This work, the work of peace and progress, should have all our support" He added.

The focus this year is on science education, economics and drivers of growth. Participants include Nobel Laureates from all six fields in which the Nobel Prize is awarded each year - peace, economics, literature, physics, chemistry and medicine as well as eminent international leaders in media, business and educational institutions worldwide. The conference seeks to benefit from Nobel Prize winners and their experiences to serve humanity and the community at various levels.

The event attracted this year the participation of some 280 personalities, including 30 Nobel Prize winners. Among this year‘s conference participants are Arab League Secretary General Amr Mousa, President of Croatia Stjepan Mesić and President of Senegal and Chairman of the Organization of the Islamic Conference Abdoulaye Wade.

The Director of the Arab Thought Forum in Jerusalem Abdel Rahman Abu Arafeh also participated in the conference; he was also among the Panelists of the Brain Storming session on Art and Culture. Among the Palestinian participants were; Nabil Qassis, Maher El Natsheh, Sahar Khalifeh, Ahmad Atawneh and Hisham Awartani. A total of 50 young people from the region also took part in the event among them Rami Mihdawi from Palestine.

The Petra Conference of Nobel Laureates has convened annually since 2005, jointly organized by the King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD) and the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity (EWFH).

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