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The Arab Thought Forum and al-Quds Open University sign an Agreement for the Establishment of a Computer Lab for the Blind in Ramallah


A Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation between al-Quds Open University and the Arab Thought Forum was signed at al-Quds Open University premises on the 26th of September 2007 to establish a computer lab for the blind at the al-Quds Open University, Ramallah Educational Center. The project will be funded by the Welfare Association.

The Memorandum was signed by President of al-Quds Open University – Professor Yunis ‘Amer and Director of the Arab Thought Forum – Mr. Abdel Rahman Abu Arafeh. At the onset of the ceremony Professor ‘Amer welcomed the initiative by the Arab Thought Forum expressing his high esteem of its efforts to support educational institutions and commending previous cooperation, which had resulted in the establishment of two computer labs for the blind, one in Jenin and another in Hebron. Tens of students and other beneficiaries from the local community benefit from these centers. Professor ‘Amer expressed his aspiration for the consolidation of this cooperation and partnership in future projects.

Mr. Abu ‘Arafeh, elaborated on the successful and fruitful experience with al-Quds Open University and presented his appreciation to the Welfare Association which had funded the project. Whilst commenting on the signature of the agreement, Mr. Muhammad Shaheen, Head of the Student Affairs Department stated that this step came as a complementary stride forward aiming at consolidating blind students’ opportunities to enhance their education. The establishment of a new center for blind students in Ramallah will have a number of benefits especially since Ramallah is situated in the middle of the West Bank.  Shaheen added that the agreement includes the development of the two previously established centers in Hebron and Jenin and expansion of their services through offering courses and training to target the blind within the local community and not only university students.

The computer labs for the blind project is considered one of al-Quds Open University’s creative initiatives which has opened wide prospects for the blind to advance their studies and has provided them with the opportunity to gain awareness and knowledge.

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