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The National Committee to prepare for the festival of Jerusalem as Arab Capital of Culture 2009 has been formed


In a follow up to the presidential decree on the National Committee to prepare for the festival "Jerusalem: Capital of the Arab Cultural 2009." was established.

The promulgation of the decree having examined the decision of the Conference of Arab Ministers of Culture in its 15th year Muscat 2006, Jerusalem as the capital of Arab culture for 2009.
The committee is headed according to the decree by Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish, and its membership includes political and cultural figures, media, and social and academic including; Hanan Ashrawi,Yaser Abed Rabu, Muhammad Ishtaeih, Michael Sabah, Abdel Rahman Abu Arafeh, Rania Elias, Yehia Yaklef, Nazmi Al Jubeh, Mahdi Abdel Hadi, Ahman Rwedi and others.

The committee would have the capacity under Decree preparation, management and supervision of the festival Jerusalem the capital of Arab culture, and communication with the various Arab and international levels aimed at mobilizing the necessary support for the celebrations, in addition to coordinating with all committees, which will be formed in the sisterly Arab countries to prepare for the celebrations.

The 1st meeting of the committee took place at the president office with the president participation, the committee selected Executive group to develop the basic planning, and the group composed of: Hanan Ashrawi, Abdel Rahman Abu Arafeh, Rania Elias, Ahmad Rwaidy, Mohamad Ishtaeih and Yehya Yakluf.

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