The Arab Thought Forum (ATF) is committed to the belief that state structures must be developed to serve and be responsive to an active and critical public, which is conscious of its obligations and duties, as well as its rights and entitlements

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Round Table Meeting: To discuss performance of the Financial and Administrative Control Bureau


The Arab Thought Forum organized a specific round table meeting on the July 10th, 2007 to discuss both the performance of the Financial and Administrative Control Bureau (FACB) and the planned Authority to Compact Illegal Income(ACII). The event organized jointly between the Arab Thought Forum and the (FACB), among the main participants: PLC members Hasan khrisheh, Qais Abdel karim, Muhammad Abu Al-Rub, Head of the (FACB), and representatives of several governmental, civil society and private sectors.

The discussion included ways to empower the Financial and Administrative Control Bureau, by asessing the resources necessary to perform its duty. The discussion included the reasons why the Author and the associated group were not yet activated. A working group has been formed by the participants to follow both issues. The group composed of; the PLC members Qais Abdel karim and Hasan khrisheh, Muhammad Abu Al-Rub the head of the " Office of Financial Supervision and Management", Muhammad Hassoneh head of the Palestinian auditors association and Shaher Arouri from the Palestinian PAR Association, in addition to Abdel Rahman Abu Arafeh the ATF director.

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