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40th anniversary of the Israeli occupation


On the 40th anniversary of the Israeli occupation of 1967, civil society organizations organized several events to remember this sad occasion. Among the events, three were organized by the Civic Coalition for Defending the Palestinians’ Rights in Jerusalem, including one in Jerusalem on June 5th, it was prohibited by the Israeli police. The speakers were supposed to be Abdel Rahman Abu Arafeh, Ekremeh Sabri, Attalah Hana and Abdel Latif Gaith. The second event took place in Ramallah, speakers included; Mustafa Barghouthi, Hasan Khreisheh, Sheikh Tayser Tamimi, Amir Makhoul, Naser Rayes, Muhammad Dahle, Azzam Abu Saud, Hania Betar, Suha  Barghouthi The third Event took place in Um Alfahem on June 13th, the speakers included; Housein Abu Housein, Abdel Rahman Abu Arafeh, Khalil Tufakji, Rana Nashashibi, Nizar Ayoub, Sheikh Raed Salah, Amir Makhoul, Jamal Zahalka, Muhammad Barke, Ibrahim Sarsour.

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